Thanks for attending the DAP Symposium

16 March 2017

Thanks to all participants, speakers and sponsors for making the DAP Symposium 2017 a succes! View the opening of the Symposium by Rector Magnificus Karel Luyben here. Pictures and some of the slides will be available on the site soon. We hope to see you all in two years for the next DAP Symposium!

If you are an AES student and would like to organise the next DAP symposium then email us at

Geothermal project in Uganda

01 March 2017

In Western Uganda, IF Technology, TNO and MET-Support are exploring opportunities for geothermal energy. Find an impression of the project here.

Article about DAP in TU Delta

20 January 2017

An interesting article about the Delft Geothermal Project in the university magazine 'TU Delta' can be read here. Only in Dutch.

Geothermal Energy 101

15 January 2017

Are you a geothermal rookie but interested in getting to know the sector? This 101 geothermal video will give you the basic knowledge so that you are prepared for the symposium.


All Tickets Sold Out

05 March 2017

All tickets have sold out!

Student Tickets Sold Out

01 March 2017

All student tickets have sold out!

Complete programme announced

03 February 2017

New speakers have been added to our list, including Huisman and TNO. Mr. Luyben, Rector Magnificus of TU Delft, will kick off the day with us. We are glad to reveal the complete programme for DAP Symposium 2017: Surfacing Value.

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Programme update

05 January 2017

We are pleased to take you through glimpses of the programme of DAP Symposium 2017: Surfacing Value. Covering various topics concerning new technologies, industrial applications and other developments in the sector, we'll be unveiling business opportunities for geothermal energy.

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New sponsors announced

04 January 2017

We are proud to announce that Uniper Energy and Expro have been added to the sponsors of DAP Symposium 2017.

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New sponsors announced

13 December 2016

We are proud to announce that Rabobank and KCA Deutag have been added to the sponsors of DAP Symposium 2017.

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DAP Symposium 2017 news letter

06 December 2016

Please find the link below to sign up for the DAP Symposium 2017 news letter.

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First sponsors announced

05 December 2016

We are proud to announce that IF Technology, PanTerra, ING and Eneco are the first sponsors of DAP Symposium 2017.

During the day, coffee will be made possible by the Municipality of Westland. The drinks afterwards will be sponsored by Huisman.

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