The DAP Project

The DAP foundation was initiated in 2008 by students and alumni at the department of Geoscience & Engineering and aims to provide the TU Delft with a sustainable heat source through the realization of a geothermal well on the campus, with the help of several partners from the energy industry. In 2009, DAP acquired an exploration license for the Delft area, in which 4 geothermal wells of 2500 m depth have by now been realized by pioneering greenhouse companies Ammerlaan and Duijvestijn.

Furthermore, DAP seeks to promote the general use of geothermal energy for heating and energy production in the Netherlands by generating and disseminating knowledge for research, education and development. DAP assists greenhouse enterprises in the area with the development of their geothermal initiatives and has an advisory role to municipalities and the provincial council with respect to geothermal energy.

This years edition

Urban Heating Integrating cities with geothermal energy.
We are happy to announce this years edition of the DAP Symposium will take place on March 12, 2019.
This year's symposium will focus on the opportunities of supplying urban areas with geothermal energy. Currently, in The Netherlands several successful geothermal wells are alreay used to heat greenhouses located in rural areas. As today's technology is improving, opportunities arise to move the geothermal wells closer to the urban areas, where a high demand for heat is everlasting. Therefore, the aim of this symposium is to make energy companies and investors aware of the potential to supply urban areas with geothermal heat as well as promoting new techniques that can make geothermal energy compete within today's energy market.

History of the DAP Symposium

Every two years a geothermal symposium is organised in Delft by the students of Applied Earth Science. The latest developments of geothermal energy will be discussed by speakers from all over the world. The symposium is always visited by students, researchers and companies and is therefore a good opportunity for social networking.

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